Contest winners and previous contests.

Contest winners and previous contests.

Jump Starter Contest

September 28th, 2011 -> October 5th

Any bullshit contributions will not be counted, example: making a review with 1000 characters but putting many words like very, good, and like will not be counted, to win we require you at least have 15 points

The goal of this contest is to get the highest score by October 5th. Score will be kept like this.

3 points = A map page created, with a fully detailed description about the majority of the map, be it a story, or description about the gameplay, must come along with at least one to two download links, one download must be uploaded and correctly linked to the database, a second download is required for all 3 points, otherwise you will receive only 2 points. You may also obtain 3 points for fully detailed and exceptional reviews with over 950 words, any bullshit reviews will not be counted. A very well written tutorial with many in depth steps, tutorials can be about hammer, outside of hammer, or for the database. Texture pack with 25 textures or more, almost all textures uploaded as screenshots.

2 points: 2 points for reviews over 700 words, no bullshit reviews please. A well written tutorial but could have been more in depth. Adding texture packs with at least 15 textures or more, and at least 50% of the texture pack uploaded as screenshots for that page

1 point: Reviews 400 words minimum, 1 point for uploading a minimum of 3 screenshots for each map that didn't have any screenshots before, Adding a nicely detailed description to a map that had very little description. A point for completing 3 things on the Todo list


1st.gif place: Undetermined

2nd place: Undetermined

3rd place: Undetermined

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