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Author: XenoAisam
.bsp filename: oc_animedancedance
Date of release: March 19, 2012
Game Requirements: Hl2
Suggested Players: 2 - 8


Lets Dance with the new oc_animedancedance map! (formerly DanceDanceHL)

The New the Map By XenoAisam! Sit back and enjoy!

All you gotta do is select your characters, position, dance area and select a choice of songs!

Featured Models:

Naluri v5
Hatsune Miku v3
Hatsune Miku Cell v3 (New) [possibly rin]
Black Rock Shooter Anzu (New)
Kasane Teto By Mesark(New)

Featured Songs:

No Life Queen
World Is Mine
Pon Pon Pon
Waka Laka
Romeo x Cinderella (New)
Gee Baby Baby (New)

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