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Author: Fug4life
.bsp filename: oc_archive
Date of release: February 6, 2011
Game Requirements: hl2.
Suggested Players: 2 - 16


Welcome aboard oc_archive mapselect.
Organise yourselves, select a mission and move on.
There is nothing left for you here…

Additional info

Map Selection/Lobby level for server operators.

Additional credits

Zteer - For creating mapselect_v2 which is what oc_archive was built using and also with Zteer's oc_modify_generator.
W0rf0x - For creating yas_lobby which is what oc_archive was inspired by and also for all the help and tips.
DaMaN - For concept Ideas
Mayhem - For concept Ideas
Zantze - For forum texture concept Idea
Very_Angry_Beaver - For Skybox textures
Shiroko - For animated Waterfall textures
Static88 - Prefab - Combine Ball Spawner
Robin TM - Prefab - Keypad
DeathByNukes - Prefab - Xen Teleport
The Obsidian Conflict team - The Community and Forums
Testers: Deathy, TheMoon, W0rf0x and Madhatter



There are over 140 maps for Obsidian Conflict! Here are a few:


0 / 5

2007 fun work-in-progress


5 / 5

2006 2008 2010 campaign classic-co-op custom-weapons difficulty:medium official size:large


0 / 5

official size:large


0 / 5

2009 size:large work-in-progress

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