Attack Force

Attack Force

Author: KON_Air
.bsp filename: oc_atfor_trainyard_v5, oc_atfor_cityfight_v3
Date of release: Version 5, Version 3 - April 21, 2009
Game Requirements: hl2, css.
Suggested Players: 2 - 8



Disable Powerstation
-To manage that you will have to cross the fence to the other side of the railroad. Run through the gauntlet or find a safer way. Previous attempt with crowbar has failed. Just shoot the damn thing untill it breaks.

Disable Combine Communications
-With Citadels main Communication System down, Combine rely on primitive human technology. There are two consoles control it. We can make use of those.

Withstand the Counter attack
-Fall of the station won't go unnoticed. Stand your ground until reinforcements arrive.

Link up with Attack Force Gamma
-They were supposed to hit the station from tunnels. There is a hatch leading to tunnels. Find them and stand by for new orders.

City Fight

Get Out!
-Combine has broke the main assault and pushed us back. Diminished in spirit and numbers rebels carry on to fight in streets led by Barney Calhoun. Set backs, for example being locked inside the garage that the elevator leads…

Combine Highway
-Find some fuel for the buggy.

-The old Palace is the last Overwatch Fortification after The Nexus. It doesn't have suppression device, instead loads of Combine pouring out of the Citadel.

Additional info

2x map .bsp, level transition included.
M60 w_model texture fix included.

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2009 needs-pics size:large work-in-progress

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