Background Pyramid

Background Pyramid

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Author: Fug4life
.bsp filename: oc_background_pyramid
Date of release: December 14, 2010
Game Requirements: hl2, ep2.
Suggested Players: N/A


This is a background map for clients only this is not for use on a server.
In case you did not know a background map is for the mod menu screen.

Additional info

ATI graphics card users that have dynamic mounting enabled you can now join a server without mounting troubles or graphics glitches.

Nvidia graphics card users can change the scripts\ChapterBackgrounds.txt so that this background will randomly load with the mod's originals (Read the notes included in the ChapterBackgrounds.txt to learn how to do it).

In the: maps\cfg\oc_background_pyramid_modify.txt it is possible to disable/change the music as well as disable/change the Star Field density (Read the notes included in the modify.txt to learn how to do it).

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