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Author: Hickadam
.bsp filename: oc_cannon_1, oc_cannon_2
Date of release: Version Final
Game Requirements: hl2.
Suggested Players: 2 - 8


Cannon 1:

You and your team of new recruits must complete the final stage of your training before you are sent to
the experimental weapons platform in deep space.

The facility you experience will be made up of a scan taken from your minds.

Try to avoid thinking during the brain scan process.

Cannon 2:

You and your team have been teleported to an experimental base deep in the
fringes of barely explored space. The recent concerns of a powerful alien force nosing
around human facilities, as well as unexplained disappearences of colonies and ships has
accelerated it's contruction.

Make your way to the Cannon's AI interface, above the main firing loader.
She will direct you further… Just try not to piss her off. She has Attitude…

Additional info

2x map .bsp, level change included.

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