de_aztec mapadd

de_aztec mapadd

Author: Fug4life
.bsp filename: de_aztec.bsp
Date of release: Final - Novemeber 21, 2011
Game Requirements: hl2, css.
Suggested Players: 2 - 8


Primary Objective:

Wait for other prisoners and make a combined escape! Saftey in numbers, choose your moment well!

Secondary Objective:

Find and kill the leaders who are responsible for your captivity!

Additional info

Once you start your escape the guard/s will become hostile from then onwards. So it is better to wait a while, make sure you plan your escape together as a group (wait for more players to join the game).

Additional credits

Special Thanks:

Markworth - Apc model.
Ultradreamer - Armory crate model.
Kain - Landmine, Claymore and Barbedwire models.
Sam - Cammonet model.
Spine - Cammonet skin.



2011 classic-co-op custom-vehicle mapadd

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