DOD:S Mapadds (Colmar and Kalt)

DOD:S Mapadds (Colmar and Kalt)

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Author: Fug4life
.bsp filename: dod_kalt , dod_colmar
Date of release: February 22, 2011
Game Requirements: DOD:S
Suggested Players: 2 - 8



First, made your way until you reach the priest, get the weapons and protect him. Search for get the clues, and bring them to the merchant or the priest.

There are 2 clues:

  1. A map (red herring).
  2. A holy book.

In this map the weapons and the money to buy them are in the house that are at left of the priest (right if you look from the priest position). Go fast, because if he dies, you will lose.

On Colmar there are about 20 cash piles in the map. You need to see the merchant in order for the clues to spawn into the map to be able to complete your objectives.


Eliminate every single zombie that you see, reach the merchant ,find the clues, return it then to the merchant and make your way to the extraction point.

The clues are:

  1. Map (red herring).
  2. Newspaper article.
  3. Painting.
  4. Clipboard.

There is a delay between the clues spawning, and they can each be in 1/16 places, so keep looking!

Additional info

4x custom dods soldier zombie models
4x custom dods soldier npc models
custom props

Scripted weapons:

Colt 1911
M1 Garand <-Remplaced in the Weapon Update for the Springfield.
k98 <-Remplaced in the Weapon Update for the k98 Scoped.
M1 Carbine
30 cal
MG 42

(Note: Weapon Update updates the stats of the weapons making them like in DOD:S).

Additional credits

Credits/Special Thanks:

rtijms - npc models
SonofBrimstone - weapon models
Makrontt le necron - weapon scripts
gamr748 - weapon scripts
Blues - filmgrain overlay
Tysn - overlay advice
Maestro Fénix - Fixing the DOD:S weapons


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