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.bsp filename oc_garden_v2
Date of release Not yet released
Game Requirements EX: HL2, Ep1, Ep2, css
Suggested Players: 4-6


You start in a small vacation home on the far side of town. The home used to belong to that of Susan Jones, a very wealthy woman who is known for her famous crops and gardens. Being more expensive than your usual crops, she grows and then sells them cheap to the poor, while still making a profit. Alas, she recently passed away, leaving her 3 grandsons (Ronnie, Kyle, and Mitch) to watch over the land in her place. As well as her beloved companion, Sparky, a loyal Vortigaunt. There's also Kim, her Engineer who makes the machines used to fertilize the plants.

One day however, the land was invaded by an army of soldiers, their main goal is to kill off all signs of resistance as well as destroying all that Susan held dear, the gardens. Being ordered by their administrator, Thomas Galahan.

The players must guide the three brothers to the garden. On their way they will encounter many soldiers and will have to fight their way through in order to reach the garden before the main assault begins. In which Sparky will join the players for a short amount of time to fight. After, the players will resort to an abandoned warehouse in the distance.

Additional info

There are some hidden ammo/weapon caches that are usually out of the player's sight. It is also said that this map will have unique custom voice acting for the three brothers, Sparky, and Thomas Galahan. This map will also contain custom skins for both soldiers and citizens.

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Began working on Garden V2, a revamp of the previously unfinished map.



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