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Author Tysn
.bsp filename oc_harvest
Date of release N/a
Game Requirements N/A
Suggested Players: 1 - 8


In this gamemode you have to build up a farm by growing plants and selling the fruits. At first you have to clean up the field and then buy seeds by collecting mushrooms in the forest and selling them in the city. A day/night cycle will kill any players that are caught outside the spa, hotel or farmhouse, there is also a cylce of light, rainy and rainbow days. In Rain days you dont have to drain water the first time, it is already done. In Rainbow days theres a posibility of founding a Golden pat in the forest. Freezing nights kill all your tomatoes and oranges plants

This map comes with Obsidian Conflict.

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1 - 16 players are suggested for this map.

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fun harvest official size:medium unbeatable

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