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Author: scorp75
.bsp filename: oc_island1.bsp
Date of release: oc_island1_v4.bsp - 14.03.2012
Date of release: oc_island2_v1.bsp - 22.10.2012
Date of release: oc_island_rp_v1.bsp - 31.12.2012
Game Requirements: Hl2
Suggested Players: 1 - 11

Island1 - the survival of the island.

Players on the map to be to survive on an island surrounded by zombies, antlion and other wickedness. Day gives way to night and every day you should eat for health maintenance. The player must arrange a house for future games. Many resources are mined player on the map, but some items need to buy from merchants.

Island 2 - continuation of the first part.
There is to be built a forge, a house carpenter, create a farm.

Island rp - Map of role-playing genre
There are 5 jobs with ready-equipped places to live.
1 - Police
2 - Hunter
3 - Carpenter
4 - Farmer
5 - Blacksmith - Armsman

This separation was obtained on the maps due to restrictions Engine Game

Additional credits

When you create a map used the following maps:


weapons - of mod Nightmare House 2

model of the night sky

TheMetaMorphe (EvilDead19)

And many more people whose names I do not know


There are over 140 maps for Obsidian Conflict! Here are a few:


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2011 map-selection needs-pics


0 / 5

2012 fun needs-info needs-pics work-in-progress


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2012 needs-pics


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2007 fun size:large

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