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Author: Zteer
.bsp filename: oc_kake
Date of release: july 31st 2008
Game Requirements: N/A
Suggested Players: 1 - 16


Randomly generated fight scenarios are created with oc_kake, the arena changes between fights, and some times it may even let you drop in and fight the other team or the npcs. There is a fun little betting system, if you think the red or green side is going to win you simply stand on that side till the gates close.

Additional info

Bugs: sometimes npcs automatically die at the beginning of the round to prevent the server from crashing.
The server owner is advised to go into oc_kake.cfg and put mp_flashlight 0 to avoid crashes!

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There are over 140 maps for Obsidian Conflict! Here are a few:


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2006 official size:small


0 / 5

2007 fun size:medium


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2012 needs-pics


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2010 size:small work-in-progress

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