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Author: Soap
.bsp filename: oc_minigames_b7
Date of release: Version 7 - 24th February, 2011
Game Requirements: HL2
Suggested Players: Untested.


All players start in the main room called the "Choosing Area". A spinner with a teleporter enclosed will cause a mad rush for people who want to be the "chooser". If nobody can successfully get through the spinner after 20 seconds, the spinner stops.
After 1 person is selected, he/she will be presented with pictures of 7 different minigames.

These minigames consist of things such as jumprope of skeeball. They are very sophisticated and not just one simple "jump rope". Some games will have an elimination factor to it, players that die will get teleported to a spectator area to view the rest of the minigame.

If all players are eliminated on this sort of game, all players are teleported back to the choosing area where another player will be chosen through the same process.

  • Some minigames will be team based and team objective
  • If your team wins and/or you survive you/your team will be awarded with a point value ranging from 50-100 points.
  • If one individual manages to receive 1000 points total, he/she may choose to end the map and claim total victory.
  • Only 1 person can be the chooser.

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2011 fun needs-pics teamplay

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