Author: explosive_clonecube
.bsp filename: oc_odessey
Date of release: beta - 25/10/2020
Game Requirements: Ex: Hl2
Suggested Players: 2 - 8


IMPORTARNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! READ THIS: Okay so quick and important update, Developments been a bit rocky recently and things are looking a bit grim for this passion project :'( but I'm determined to get this map done and released, My main issue is it crashes when the server max playercount is above 1 which is obviously a huge issue with a map made for a coop mod. I think the reason it crashes is that the compile cant finishes vvis unless if it's on fast which means it skips all optimization causing the map to have a huge filesize. I am also having issues with Wikidot accounts so I have to keep making new accounts because Wikidot is shit and broken and won't let me sign in to any of the previous accounts (including the one I made this page with) which makes updates come much slower and a public release intangible until Wikidot gets its shit together and starts becoming a functional fucking site. Due to my lack of access to my explose_clonecube account, I used to make this page I am VERY limited in what I can and can't do to MY page. I might have to contact the staff of this database as they might be able to give a new account of mine full permission to edit this page but I'm not sure. All I know is that contacting Wikidot themselves is a fucking hopeless pipedream so this issue will likely never be fixed. Well, that was a fucking horrible rant. I just needed to get that off my chest, some other more personal stuff has happened too but I don't feel comfortable talking about that. Just understand Odessey is nearing completion but has a little while to go. If anybody is willing to have a look at the save of my map in hammer and see what I have fucked up to make vvis shit itself and give me some advice, contact me on my email which you can see on the explosive_clonecube mapper page. :)

Story and objective: This map takes place one week after Nova Prospekt is destroyed. You play as a group of untrained refugees (not rebel militiamen) who must flee their homes when the combine begins committing acts of genocide against their own citizens…

Additional info

Map trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40e5NcKfBkc

Additional credits

theholycobolt (ideas and creative concepts)



combat featured linear puzzle walkthrough work-in-progress

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