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Author: Shadowsand
.bsp filename: oc_puzzler_part1, oc_puzzler_part2, oc_puzzler_part3
Date of release: Part 1 & 2: November 18th 2010
Part 3: May 2nd 2014
Game Requirements: N/A
Suggested Players: 3 - 8


Each part consists of several 'Hubs', which in turn are made up of Challenge Rooms. Completing a Challenge Room will reward you with a puzzle piece. Once all pieces have been collected, the next Hub will be unlocked. Completing certain tasks such as collecting a puzzle piece or finding a secret will reward you with different amounts of points based on the difficulty of the task. Dying will cost you 5 points. In Part 2, some tasks will also unlock music tracks which can be played from certain points in the map.

Additional info

Part 1 requires 2 people, and Part 2 requires 3 people though I've found both are most fun with 4. You can have more than this, but after that the map tends to get a little crowded. Also, Part 1 was made quite a while ago, so Part 2 is distinctly better. Having said that, I do think Part 1 is worth playing through at least once. Part 3 also requires 3 people, is most fun with 4.

Part 3 has no lights, but is otherwise more or less finished, and since I hate making lights, it's unlikely it'll ever be more finished.

Although these have been extensively tested, the transition from Gmod to OC may have broken things in ways I haven't found yet, so please report all bugs. Suggestions for improvement are also welcome, though please hold off on ideas for more puzzles (Part 4 is half finished, and Part 5 is planned)

Additional credits

Mapping, Ideas, Textures, Sounds - Shadowsand
Textures - cncr04

Additional cred
Lelijke Nederlander
Ravlin Alucard


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