Return C17

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Author: DaMaN
.bsp filename: oc_return_c17_01, oc_return_c17_02, oc_return_c17_03,oc_return_c17_04, oc_return_c17_05, oc_return_c17_06a
Date of release: N/A
Game Requirements: HL2
Suggested Players: 2 - 8


A squad of Rebels that escaped from City 17 have to go back, so they can bring a crystal sample to Dr. Kleiner, and they meet many foes along the way.

This map comes with Obsidian Conflict.

Additional info

  • In the levels with Alyx, and Barney, make sure they don't die.
  • The Metrocop at the Trainstation who you saw in Half-Life 2 in Kleiner's monitors is another undercover cop like Barney. DON'T SHOOT HIM.
  • On level 6a, the train will always have mounted guns to take down the Chopper, even if all you can see gets disconnected.
  • There is no RPG in level 5, so the only way to defeat the Strider is with the SMG Grenades.

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