Starship Troopers

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Author Tysn
.bsp filename oc_starship_troopers
Date of release N/a
Game Requirements HL2
Suggested Players: 4 - 6


Stranded in outpost 87, your team and the lieutenant must fight off the arachnid hordes until help can arrive. There are a total of twelve waves, each getting progressively harder.

This map comes with Obsidian Conflict.

Additional info

  • There are four mounted tower guns in total, 2 manned by npcs and 2 open for players to use.
  • Purchase a medkit from the store to heal the npc machinegunners. If they die, they cannot be replaced.
  • Remember that points are gained from the players killing enemies, not npc allies. For this reason, be careful about relying too much on turrets or artillery barrages early on, as you'll want to accumulate enough points to survive the later stages.

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