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Author: Maestro Fénix
.bsp filename: oc_strike
Date of release: 12/07/2014
Game Requirements: CS:S
Suggested Players: 2 - 64
Estimated time to beat the map: N/A
Type of the game: Deathmatch
Size: 3.4mb on bz2, 14.2mb uncompressed (Lite: 6mb on bz2, 6.12mb uncompressed).


This map is a gameplay simulation of Counter-Strike. Fight against the other team!

Two groups of rebels made it into a Combine outpost. One team wanted to keep and use the vehicles. The other group wanted to destroy them.
Unable to solve their differences, they pulled out their weapons.

Additional info

  • You need two players at least to play.
  • All the CS:S weapons with their closer functionality.
  • Kill the enemy team, or bomb the targets.
  • Classic pre-OrangeBox update bunnyhop.
  • The best of 10 rounds wins the match.

Additional credits

im_the_new_guy for the original C4 prefab:


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