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Author: Svanrog
.bsp filename: oc_tantrum_b5
Date of release: Version Beta 5 - November 19, 2009
Game Requirements: hl2.
Suggested Players: 2 - 8


In one of the combine's bases in the Nevada desert there have been an uprising. An uprising among the Combines themselves. Your objective is to infiltrate the base and neutralize their weapons of mass destruction while there is counfusion among the Combine.
As you arrive the rebelling Combines have full control over the situation, but as every second goes by a larger group of Elite Combines are on their way to put things in order. To make the rebelling Combines surrender, overwatch have deactivated all local supression devices and forcefields that usually protect them from Xen creatures. Once your mission is complete you will be substracted from the airport.

Objectives: You must find the reactor that supports this place with electricity and overload it. That will result in a chain reaction that will detonate all weapons that are hidden within this facility and destroy this combine stronghold.

Good luck!

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