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Author original map: Zteer
Author remix: scorp75
.bsp filename: oc_umizuri_s75.bsp
Date of release: 16.06.2012 - oc_umizuri_s75_v1
Game Requirements: Hl2
Suggested Players: 1 - 11


Genre cards - fun map with elements of RPG.
Removed many of the NPC who swallow the bait.
There is a large trading floor, it is possible to:
1. Buy 1 of 8 rooms. No one except the owner can not enter the room.
A player died - lost the room. It can immediately buy any.
You can arrange a room to life. Buying the stove, building a table, bed and wardrobe

2. You can buy a gun. Weapons are no longer caught in the trap.

3. You can buy your own food and first aid kit

4. You can buy a board and a stove for your apartment

To remove clutter from the map, I entered day and night. In the morning all that is bad is disappearing.

I plan to enter the profession at stake - the boatman. He would build a boat for the money and will carry passengers to the island.

The bait fish will be caught.

Additional credits

When you create a map used the following maps:

oc_diving -take a boat

model of the night sky

TheMetaMorphe (EvilDead19)


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