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Author: Fug4life
.bsp filename: oc_warmachine
Date of release: February 06, 2011
Game Requirements: hl2, ep2, css.
Suggested Players: 2 - 8


A constitution in chaos, a civilisation on it's knees, the conflict continues…

[Some time after]

"Losing vital signs! Condition critical! Multiple organ failure! We're losing him, dammit don't give up!
"Will you concentrate! Get a hold and compose yourself, I need you on this one and so does the patient!
Administer another shot quickly! Seventy five and don't miss this time.
Dammit! Control that bleeding, I can't work with this shit all over the place."
"you're losing him!"
"No, I'm not!"
"you're losing him!"
"QUIET!!! Come on, come on…"

[Some time before]


Intelligence gathered by the free thinking citizens, regarding the earlier construction of a secure installation
located somewhere in the depths of the city, near the ruined citadel. Has brought new light to the ongoing campaign
'whitewash'. The Removal of all evidence that relates and is traceable to the Breen empire and it's ever existence
(part of the c17 evacuation program's abandonment phase).

"O c17 rest thy tired souls, we leave thou in peace, fear not, eternal your story told"

As a result the liberated rebels were called upon once again for a search and destroy.

"Find the core of the facility and get me some answers!
I don't want to hear you melted on me, went 'n' spared those son's of bitches!"

The rebels were in good spirits and their confidence was high. What should of had been a frag, tag 'n' bag.
Quickly descended into chaos and the dawning realisation that other forces were at work had engulfed them.

Awoken a nightmare they had!

Additional info

Classic Co-op Lives

Additional credits

Tysn - Cash prefab.
Zteer - Jukebox system.




2011 size:medium

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