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个人介绍(self introduction)


冰箱君,2008年开始接触地图制作,balalalala,现在是起源汉化组组长,黑曜石战争(Obsidian Conflict)中文服务器服主。Obsidian Conflict 玩家&地图作者。我好懒,连地图都不想做。


Ice Box, in 2008 began to contact the map production, balalalala, is now the origin of the Chinese group leader, Obsidian Conflict Chinese server owner. Obsidian Conflict Player & Map Author.

Obsidian Conflict 地图作品(Obsidian Conflict Maps Created)


Obsidian Conflict 制作中的地图作品(Obsidian Conflict Maps in Development)



DISCORD: Ice Box[IBOX]#7473
QQ: 764884112

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